Co-located with Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2020

Date: June 3rd 2020, Participation: Online

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Keynote speaker: Katja Markert is Chair of Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University (Germany) since 2016. After her PhD at Freiburg University(Germany) in 1999, she worked as Postdoc and Emmy Noether-Fellow at The University of Edinburgh, UK, as well as Lecturer and Reader at the University of Leeds, UK, during that time also having longer research stays at the University of Hannover as well as the Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies. She works both in more theoretical computational linguistic areas, such as the automatic recognition of anaphora and figurative language, as well as application areas such as sentiment analysis and summarization. She also is co-director of the Leibniz-Science-Campus “Empirical Linguistics and Computational Language Modeling”, which concentrates on NLP models for German, in a joint project between Heidelberg University and the Institute for the German Language, Mannheim.

Keynote talk: “State-of-the-Art and Challenges in Timeline Summarization

Abstract: Timeline Summarization (TLS) creates an overview of long-running events via dated daily summaries for the most important dates and is essential to keep track of a flood of information on, for example,crises data. TLS differs from standard single and multi-document summarization in the importance of date selection, interdependencies between summaries of different dates, the lack of large-scale human training data and a very low compression rate, i.every short summaries in comparison to the number of corpus documents.In this talk, I will discuss the impact these properties have on (i) optimization algorithms and objective functions for timeline summarization algorithms (ii) evaluation of timeline summarization outputs and (iii) the dependence of TLS on information retrieval components.


Times are in Central European Summer Time, UTC+2

14:00-14:10 – Welcome session

14:10 – 15:00 – Keynote – Katja Markert “State-of-the-Art and Challenges in Timeline Summarization”

15:00-15:15 – Sara Abdollahi, Simon Gottschalk and Elena Demidova “EventKG+Click: A Dataset of Language-specific Event-centric User Interaction Traces”


15:15-15:30 – Minh Triet Chau, Diego Esteves and Jens Lehmann “A Neural-based model to Predict the Future Natural Gas Market Price through Open-domain Event Extraction”

15:30-16:00 – Break

16:00-16:15 – Golsa Tahmasebzadeh, Sherzod Hakimov, Eric Müller-Budack and Ralph Ewerth “A Feature Analysis for Multimodal News Retrieval”Best Paper Award!


16:15-16:30 – Jason Armitage, Shramana Thakur, Rishi Tripathi, Maria Maleshkova and Jens Lehmann “Training Multimodal Systems for Classification with Multiple Objectives”


16:30-16:45 – Husamelddin Balla and Sarah Jane Delany “Exploration of Approaches to Arabic Named Entity Recognition”

16:45-16:55 – Diego Fernando Válio Antunes Alves, Tin Kuculo, Gabriel Amaral, Gaurish Thakkar and Marko Tadic “UNER: Universal Named-Entity Recognition Framework”


16:55-17:00 – Closing session